Monday, January 2, 2012

Gearing up for Christmas

We spent the entire month of December getting ready for Christmas. It was Ruby's first Christmas and we wanted to make sure it was special, even though she wouldn't really remember it.

Ruby could not stop staring at the Christmas tree, she loves to look at the lights, she was so intrigued.

Nana bought this Gingerbread outfit and Ruby wore it about every opportunity during December.

Showing my love for Santa.

A little time out for the STEELERS with daddy.

OB in her Santa suit from our friend Mary.

Ruby is starting to smile and laugh a lot now.

With a little helf from the Bumbo, Ruby can sit up on her own.

Bundled up for the winter air.

Ruby got to meet Santa for the first time.

Thanksgiving 2011

I know it has been a while since I have posted, we have had a lot going on over the last couple of months. I will try to catch you up. For Thanksgiving we went to Pittsburgh to show Ruby to family and friends then headed to Cleveland to see Frank's sister and nieces. This was our first big road trip with Ruby and was quite a learning experience. a 6 hour ride turned into an 8 hour ride due to Ruby having to eat and diaper changes. Ruby did well during the trip, only a couple of meltdowns, which was way better than I had expected. We had good food at Aunt Stinny's house and everyone enjoyed playing with Ruby.

Look closely, we stopped in WV to feed Ruby and I looked over and saw a goose in the car next to us, yes a GOOSE! He even had a diaper on!

This is how Ruby was most of the car ride.

It was so cold one morning in Pittsburgh, Frank bundled Ruby up to keep her warm.

On our way to Cleveland in my Thanksgiving outfit.

Everyone at Stinny's house for Thanksgiving.

Dressed up to go visit friends and family in Pittsburgh.

Sunday, November 20, 2011

7 1/2 weeks!

I am getting chubby, lots of eating and no exercise make for fat rolls on my legs.

FINALLY!!!! Hardwood floors

We have been saving for a few years and things always come up. Finally we have gotten our new hardwood floors. Frank searched and searched for weeks to find the right wood. We had nasty carpet that belonged to the people who lived here before us and we just could not get it clean. Now that Ruby us here, we wanted to have new floors so that when she begins to crawl we know it will be clean. We had hardwood floors put everywhere bu the bedrooms.





Trip to visit Santa

We took Ruby to Babies R Us to see Santa hoping there would be less germs. We dressed her up in her Christmas clothes and she slept through the entire visit. We couldn't take pictures of her with Santa but the photographers got some good poses. We go back in a week to pick out the best pictures after editing.

6 Weeks!

Here is Ruby at 6 weeks. She weighed in at 11 pounds 11 ounces. She is now smiling and kind of laughing a little more. Her vision is improving everyday and it is fun to watch her grow and learn.

Wide awake in the middle of the night, keeping mommy awake.

Monday, November 7, 2011

Again an attempt at some fun pictures.

Ruby and I played around one afternoon trying to waste some time. We will eventually get better at this but here is our attempt at some fun pictures.

By far my favorite.